segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2008

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hi guys,well today I'm gonna talk about my friends!I don't have a lot of friends but the friends that I have are very special for me.I have female and male friends,I just have one male friend and his name is pedro,but I call him "pedrim",he have a lot of fun 2gether and I love him so much :D,I know him since we were 11,I have a friend who whe knew each other since we were in primary school her name is mariana we went to diferent schools but the friendship continue,I have friends that I meet a few years ago but they are very important to me,I have a friend and her name is leticia and she is very nice,I have a crazy and very funny her name is bruna she calls me 'cemiscreidy' I don't know why ,she is very crazy and funny and she is best friend of "pedrim",I have a friend and her name is "maite" she is very cute and It's very funny too,I have a friend who is very shy her name is Kamilla she has the same name as I but we are very different,kamilla is a very shy persol bu when I know well her I know that's she is a great friend.The most of my friend's went to another school but I really want to keep the contact.
Love you my Friend's

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Pedro disse...

heeey camii!
well, you're so important for me, and i loved to be part of your blog! and you know how much i love!

Ana Maria disse...


Your blog really looks lovely. Way to go. And you have already found your voice in English, using your own words to express your feeling for your friends. Love the widgets you´ve included in the side bar, especially the bear-pod. ;)

Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi there,

How cute of you to talk about your friends! I bet they really like to have a friend like you. I agree with Ana, your blog looks great and you really have a way with it. I have such a hard time including widgets on my blog... I really suck!
Well, looking foward to learning and sharing with you!

Thais disse...

Hi camila...
I think your blog is very cool.
And when i was reading i remenber you ,and i heard that you study in the same class with was very funny!
My name is Thais ,do you remenber me?
I loved you blog!!


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