sábado, 1 de março de 2008

a fun video :D

I saw this video in YouTube,I though very idiot but funny.This video is of a dwarf who is from India and dance a style of music that the indians call 'bollywood',I hope that you like it :)
xoxo :*

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Ana Maria disse...


the video is very funny and strange too because initially we think it´s a child dancing... and dancing very well. Keep posting.


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. disse...

Hey camila!

Your blog looks great! You've added lots of cool things, and the posts are all very nice. I had already watched this video and it is at the same time disturbing and funny.

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Keep on blogging!

Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi there,
I remember seeing this video a long time ago. It is filly but very very funny. YOu are doing agreat job posting videos and adding cool things to your page. I have to open a blog for myself. I will try doing it this weekend! wish me luck!