quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2008

In January I went to Argentina was a wonderful trip,we went in 31 of December and I pass my "revellion" in Buenos Aires and it was very hot,In the night the water finished in the hostel and I had to take a Bath with a bottle :x.We went to the Caminito and i saw the houses with diferent colours and It's very easy see people dancing tango,because in el Caminito people dance Tango in the street.I saw Casa Rosada.After 3 days I went to Puerto madryn and It was very windy I saw penguins and they are very funny.I went o El Calafate and I saw a "Glacie" that is very big!!I went to El Chaten and when is I was going to Bariloche started to snow(in summer),the bus stoped and me and my brother went out and started a war of snowball :DD

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Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi there,
I bet you had a great time in Argentina. I saw some of your pictures at Ana's blog. I loved the coloured houses! It must've been interesting spending New Year's in a different country. You might have seen lots of coll things! NOt to mention the snow! I love snowball fight.
Keep posting! You always have interesting things to say!

Ana Maria disse...


What did you like most about the trip? Tell us about it. And post some pictures of what you liked, please!!!!!