quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2008

Post for Girls *--*

Hi girls,I found the perfect site to who loves fashion acessories and sunglasses,I found this site and I love the sunglasses,the headbands and the hats :D The prices are great!the only problem it's the money that you pay to they bring the product to here:"frete",the "frete" is 8 dolars to brazil,so only american girls can enjoy the site ://

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Anônimo disse...

Camila, I saw the site about acessories and sunglasses, it's very good. I like too, the music when I inside to your blogger.

marta disse...

Camila, I forgot my name this comment
I' sorry

Danúbia Bull disse...

Dear Camila,

I loooooove accessories!!!! They are ny thing! It is bad though we have to pay 8 dollars for shipping!
Maybe we could order lots of things together and share the shipping fee! Isnt it a good idea?

Danúbia Bull disse...

In April we celebrate Earth Day. AS suggested on ourblogproject.blogspot.com we could make our April posts based on it. Use your imagination and come out with a beautiful ideas!

Ana Maria disse...


you were complaining nobody visited your blog, here we are. This site you´ve found is great for learning fashion vocab. At least I learned lots of words I didn´t know. Don´t give up. YOur blog looks like you, colourful and very happy. Well done.